President ~ (Always ready to help and guide you to the relevant League or County Officer if you have a problem, and a member of Council of the KCFA).

  photo of fred

Fred S Altree

Tel: 01843 601604


Chairman ~ (Will help with anything, or will point you towards an officer who can). 

 photo of ernie

Ernie McGarvey

12 Lenham Close, Broadstairs, Kent Tel: 01843 863867 

Vice-Chairman - (Just like Ernie above, Roly will be happy to assist you with any enquiry).

  photo of roland Roland Queen

21 The Cuttings, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 6BY

Tel: 01843 851730 Mobile: 07704 231156


Honorary Secretary ~ ( For all matters relating to the running of the league & its Officers, general questions & help, responsible for recording all matters arising and minutes associated with the league business).


Matt Dixon

65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent, CT9 3XJ Tel: 07792 859753

Email: matthew@dixon1979.plus.com





Honorary Assistant Secretary/Minutes Secretary _ (Collator of all fines sent by League Officers, administrator for the Disciplinary Committee and will help with any general questions, issues or concerns).

 photo of Sue Mather Mrs Sue Mather

12 Vincent Close, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2NB Tel: 01843 5833

Email: registrations@tsfl.org.uk


Treasurer ~ (Records the account transactions of the TSFL and provides a report for each meeting).

Mrs Pat Dixon
4 Berkeley Road, Birchington, CT7 9JN Tel: 01843 843307
Email: patdixon15@aol.com

Fixtures Secretary ~ (Arranges all league & cup fixtures for the TSFL season).

photo of dick turner

Richard Turner

23 Granville Avenue, Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 6DX. Tel: 01843 597454

Registrations Secretary ~ (Manages details of player registrations, transfers, suspensions, records data on matches played in by player and cup competition eligibility).

 photo of tim mather Tim Mather

12 Vincent Close, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2NB Tel: 01843 583385

Email: registrations@tsfl.org.uk

Webmaster/Press Officer ~ (Administrator & Collator of results, scorers, match reports, club details and other news for the TSFL website).

 photo of martyn drury Martyn Drury

58 Glencoe Road, Margate Kent, CT9 2SN  Tel: 232953

Results/Scorers Mobile: 07947 475552
Email: webmaster@tsfl.org.uk


Referees Secretary ~ (Any matters concerning referees and the matches they are appointed to).

photo of tim amans

Tim Amans
28 Flora Road, Ramsgate Kent CT11 7LN

Mobile: 07879 448541
Email: tsflrefereesec@gmail.com

Assistant Referees Secretary
Martin Munson 
126 Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 8BN
Tel: 01843 581123, Mobile: 07891 616282
Email: martin.munson@talktalk.net

Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Council Liaison Officer
Colin Ansell 
Oneidans, Northdown Way, Cliftonville, Kent Tel: 01843 571467

Club Representatives ~ (Provide a clubs point of view on all TSFL matters at the monthly meetings).
Les Staples ~ Evolution FC
Mick McColl  ~ Westgate Best One FC
George Thorley ~ Bradstow Albion FC

All of the above Club Reps are happy to offer their help to any other club Secretarys, so feel free to call them should  you wish to.

Independent Members ~ (Offer experienced opinions on TSFL matters from a neutral point of view).
Dudley Letts, Ben Draper, Andy Campbell. 

KCFA Representative ~ (Our Local contact for all KCFA matters inc Kent Cup results and fixtures).
Tony Crosswell
11 All Saints Avenue, Westbrook, Margate, Kent Tel: 01843 226717

St. Lukes Committee Representatives ~ (Keeps the TSFL informed with issues and events at St Lukes).
Mark Tyman 
Tel: 07771 808526 

George Milton Tel; 01843 582026

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 3XJ