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Team NameDivision
AFC GarlingePremier Division
AFC Hare & HoundsDivision 3
AFC LestersDivision 1
AFC Westgate United Services ClubDivision 2
Albert Athletic F.C.Division 3
Arrow F.C.Division 1
Ashburnham F.C.Division 1
B.O.B. FCDivision 2
Belle Vue F.C.Division 1
Bradstow Albion F.C.Premier Division
Camden Arms F.C.Division 2
Coastal Data Systems F.C.Division 1
Dolphin Top Bar F.C.Premier Division
East Kent College F.C.Division 2
Evolution F.C.Division 2
FC Enoteca Division 3
Generation Sports FCPremier Division
HCS United F.C.Division 2
Hotel De VillePremier Division
Hugin Vikings UtdDivision 2
Insignia Projects F.C.Division 1
Key IT Support F.C.Division 3
Kings Utd F.C.Premier Division
Lanthorne Rangers F.C.Premier Division
Monkton F.C.Premier Division
Northdown Rangers F.C.Division 3
Racing Greyhound F.C.Division 1
S.L.T.United F.C.Division 2
Sticx F.C.Division 3
Stonecroft Builders F.C.Division 3
The Hussar FCDivision 1
The Odds F.C.Division 1
The York Arms F.C.Division 3
Westgate Best One F.C.Division 3
Westgate Supermarket FCDivision 2
Westwood F.C.Division 1

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 3XJ